New rain gauge

It’s still raining.  Here is my new rain gauge:

New rain gauge

I’ll empty it out before mosquito season starts.

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Setting up a new website

I’m currently using WordPress for this blog.  I installed Jetpack to get site statistics and links to social  media.  Naturally after installing Jetpack I wanted to see what the statistics looked like.  (Even though it’s only me that is looking at it so far.)

Jetpack returned this message:

May 4, 2017, 2:58 pm

Take ‘er easy, dude.

You sure got here in a hurry! Your site has been registered and we are now tracking your stats but there is nothing to display yet. Your stats will begin to appear here within twenty minutes. Have a sarsparilla.

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Setting up a new website

Things I have discovered so far about setting up a new domain:

I did not spend the money for privacy when I registered.  My inbox is full of what I consider spam.  Mostly either from people offering to design me a custom logo or informing me that time is running out for me to register with the major search engines.  For a fee of course.  I’m also getting phone calls and text messages for what I assume are the same things.  But I don’t answer my phone most of the time so I just see those as missed calls.

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Bad ad placement

I was reading the local newspaper online when I noticed an ad similar to this one:Smokey "THE" Bear

What makes it bad placement is that the St. Louis region is undergoing floods from 9 inches of rain in the past week.  That’s more than 2 months of rain in one week.

From St. Louis Post Dispatch

It would take somewhere between  a train load of napalm and a nuclear warhead to start a forest fire now.


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Welcome to Urban Alive

Welcome to Urban Alive.  This website will contain miscellaneous and random post about living in an urban metropolitan area.   Topics covered will include home repairs, gardening,  neighbors and crime.  Feel free to suggest other topics.

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